Wardrobe Wednesday: Colourful Chinos

Looking ahead, spring is next month which means time to put away those thick trench coats and warm jumpers. It’s time to bring on some colours too to your everyday wardrobe. I have shopped around one of my favourite brands, American Apparel for some inspiration and ideas on how to look nice in colourful chinos.

I love how they mix and match the colours and yet look so stylish and fashionable. I definitely want to try the bright red chinos with a dark grey sweater. It looks so cool and yet not committing any fashion crime. Bright red colour is my favourite colour and my go-to colour too as it really makes you stand up and helps to make an impression on others.

I love the blue t-shirt and shirt combination with a pale yellow chinos. I think this combination creates a very calming and soothing ambient and definitely something you can wear towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer when it starts to get really warm.







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