Stylish Saturday: Balenciaga Phileas

Lately, Balenciaga has released a new series for men – Phileas. Phileas is a complete break way from the designer house classic and iconic motorcycle design that Nicolas Ghesquiere has invented and developed since 2000. The Phileas is still a Balenciaga at heart and yet it looks completely different. Wang has released two items under the Phileas series – a tote and a computer bag.

Phileas Tote 2 Phileas Tote

I love the tote so much. It is simple, elegant and fashionable. Tote is such a versatile fashion accessories. It can fit an iPad, documents, wallets and other office essentials when you go to work, meet clients etc. I think this would make quite a good travel accessory too for those who are making a short travel trip. The tote is such a good travel companion to have all your travel essentials and technology gears all at one place and still looking so stylish and fashionable.

Phileas Computer 2 Phileas Computer


Despite tablets are increasing their popularity among the society, I still think there are times a tablet cannot replace a laptop. For those of you who still need a laptop on a daily basis, work, meeting, travelling, I reckon this Balenciaga Phileas Computer is another great accessory to add on to your wardrobe. Simple, clean and elegant – it is all a man needs for his work and travel.

I really love this seasonal collection from Balenciaga. Wang has taken a step away from the classic and iconic motorcycle design and yet they are still Balenciaga at heart. It is really something I love to see and I cannot wait to see more from Wang during his time as the Creative Director of Balenciaga.


2 thoughts on “Stylish Saturday: Balenciaga Phileas

  1. ugh, i am so in love with this bag!! it is perfect ❤ i'm not a guy obvs, but i think it looks beautiful with anything

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