Travel Tuesday: Kuching Sunset

I came across this photographer on Facebook the other day. She took one of the very beautiful pictures of my hometown – Kuching! As I look through all her pictures, I cannot wait to share with everyone my beautiful hometown, especially during sunset by Sarawak River. There are so many fantastic photos and I cannot share with you all here. I have however, inserted a link to her portfolio. Check it out here.

Kuching Sarawak River 2

Kuching Sarawak River 3

Kuching Sarawak River 4

Kuching Sarawak River



Staring at all these picturesque views of my hometown make me miss my hometown even more. I cannot wait to catch a flight back to Kuching and bring along a good camera to snap some of the most beautiful sceneries of my hometown! Indeed, I am very proud of my heritage as a Malaysian Chinese and I love my hometown. No place in this world beats Kuching when it comes down to food. Kuching will forever have a special place in my heart. It is the place I was born, I grew up, I learned and created many memories with my family and friends.


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