Fashion Flashback: Balenciaga Men FW 2007

FW07 1

FW07 2


This week Fashion Flashback, I’m looking at Balenciaga Fall/Winter collection for men back in 2007! The first thing I realised about Nicolas Ghesquiere collection is motifs and geometries. The stripes and motifs could be seen over the entire collection and looking at today’s fashion, we can still see stripes, motifs and geometries on a daily basis.

I personally love those pairs of pants with motifs. I think they are such a stylish way to glam up for fall and winter. In the cold seasons we often wear like dark plain colour sweaters, coats to keep our body warm. With a pair of pants with creative motifs, I think it is such a chic way to dress up. Not only it looks so fashionable, it is so versatile. Whether you are attending a party, going out for dinner or going somewhere for the weekend, they can come in so handy.

I love the look too of a stripe pattern sweater matching with a pair of chinos. It definitely falls in between smart casual and formal but one can always take the risk to wear it to work. I think pairing it up with a large trench coat would complete the look if the company requires a strict dress code otherwise I love this look – fashionable and stylish.

The red colour bag is such a wardrobe staple for the cold season. A pop of bright colour always goes well or compliment any outlooks that are predominantly plain and dark-coloured. It immediately draws the attention towards it and creates a balance between dark and bright colour. I love accessories with a pop of bright colour in the cold seasons just because they work so well with most my winter outfits.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Flashback: Balenciaga Men FW 2007

  1. Great post!! Seeing this collection is like a blast from the past – it brings back such strong emotions of love and admiration for Ghesquiere’s work for me. i guess that’s just what happens when you’re fashion obsessed 😉 ❤

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