Trendy Tuesday: Spring Inspiration

Spring is here and summer is not that far away for the Northern hemisphere. I love spring because you can start to relax your dress code a little bit. It is still chilly but the sun is coming out after months of cold miserable winter. This week, I’ll like to share some of my spring wardrobe inspiration from Marni. It has been a while I have looked at Marni and blogged about men’s fashion. So here are some really affordable fashion pieces that will help men to look fashionable easily but will not burn a hole in his pocket.

Spring T-Shirt

The t-shirt on the left was one of the things my 22nd birthday wish list. All my friends knew I was obsessed about the t-shirt and I still am! I am waiting for Santa this year. What I love about all these Marni t-shirt is that they are so chic, modern and artistic in its way. Match it with a pair of denim if you are going out for casual dinner and dates. On cooler days, finish it off with a single-coloured scarf and you are ready to go. These t-shirts are so versatile they could be worn on a daily basis to  lot of casual events, yet looking stylish and fashionable. Here are more prints from Marni that I like too.

Spring T-Shirt 2


Spring is all about the colour! If you are matching one the above t-shirts with jeans and a pair of boat shoes, sneakers, why not add a pop of colour to your outfit! Especially when spring is here, the sun is coming out, you need a pair of good shades. I love this pair of Marni sunglasses. I love that striking red colour which just elevate the look to a modern, stylish and sophisticated level.

I can’t wait to share with you all more about spring accessories and for Australia and New Zealand readers, I am so excited to share with you about autumn and winter accessories as well. I have been shopping around for some inspiration. Can’t wait to share it with you all.


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