Six Years…



Dear Grandma, today marks the 6th year that you have left us. Even today, I can still feel the pain and the sorrow when I first knew you were gone. Dashing to the hospital around 5 in the morning, only to realise that none of us has the chance to see you before you took your last breathe was a moment I could never forget. Undeniably it is hard to say goodbye to you, and even today, I still miss you a lot. It gets better as time fades the pain, for I know you have taught me something in life – strength. You taught all of us to be strong and not to give up easily. You give me the strength to try to move on from this tragic event. Above all, you gave me love, and your love is strong enough, even when you are not around, I can always feel you are so close to me. You always has a spot in my heart and nothing or no one can ever take the place. Each and everyday, I am incredibly proud to be your grandson and I am proud of what you have shaped and moulded me into. I could not ask for a better grandma and all I can do is to pass on your incredible values to the future generations.

Whether it is 6 years, 12 years and more, I will never forget you. Looking at all the old photos that we have taken over the years made me sad. Every year on 20 May, I have never felt so sad and lonely because I miss you even more. This was the darkest moment in my life and the pain of losing you is indescribable. On this day, it hurts so much that tears fall. I still miss you so much but I know, despite the distances and time, I can still feel you are always around and… #YoureAlwaysHere.


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