Mother’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas

Every second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day! It is again about the time of the year again to spoil our beloved mum again! It is also another reason to go shopping or go on a hunting quest to search for the perfect gift for mummy dearest. If you have not thought about what to get for your mum this coming Mother’s Day, I have listed four gift ideas that I think would be a good gift for mum.

#1: Facial Products


Living in 2014, most mums go out to work. I always look up to busy mums who manage to juggle between family and work! How impressive they are. My mum spent more than 20 years working in a bank and taking care of my sister and I. I have to say she has done an amazing and incredible job juggling between the two of them. So on Mother’s Day, spoil your mum with some facial products like mask, anti aging and a wide range of facial products.

I recommend Biotherm products. They do come in beautiful gift set which save you from wrapping troubles. This gift will be so handy and I am sure mum will love it. Biotherm products are available in Myer store.

#2: Cook Books

 Karen Martini Cooking at Home

Whether she is a busy working, stay home or retired, I am sure mums love cook book. They enjoy flipping through cook books, drawing ideas and inspiration to cook for the next meal. I have tried some Karen Martini recipes before and I love them. So I thought I would recommend the book to you. Karen is one of the highly regarded chef in Australia. She is also a restauranteur and food writer based in Melbourne. She has also been the food editor for many magazines and newspaper including Sunday AgeSun Herald and Better Homes and Gardens. She is also the guest judge on Australia’s hit reality tv programme My Kitchen Rules. So why not buy her Cooking at Home for your mum this Mother’s Day?

#3: Perfumes

Marni Rose

A mother goes everywhere and her day could start as early as 4 in the morning and finish very late. Whether she is going to the market to get fresh grocery for the family, going to work, having high tea catching up with her girlfriends, I personally think that a bottle of perfume will come in handy for all mothers! This is the latest perfume from the Italian fashion house, Marni called Marni Rose. The perfume comes in three different sizes: 30ml, 65ml and 120ml which makes carrying around for her so easy. Released in fall 2013, this perfume combines the aromas of cardamom, nana mint, raspberry, black current and bitter almond. An unusual combination but then this is what makes the fragrance stands out and so as your mum!


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