Stylish Saturday: Country Road

It certainly has been a while I blog about Australian fashion label, in particular Country Road. I still love to shop at Country Road because I love its simplicity and with a little twist of modernity in its design. I love shopping at Country Road too because the price is affordable and the quality is good. They are simple and so easy to match too so I always like to mix and match some of their basic with whatever I can find in my wardrobes!

Country Road Casual

These are just one of the few ways you can wear your autumn/winter clothing for the cold season. I love how the looks are so simple and no matter how many seasons have passed you can still wear them again because they do not go out of season!

Country Road Urban

Some of my friends have started working so I start to look into how men can dress up for work. One of the reasons I love autumn/winter is that you can wear so many different layers to work. With that comes with more choice and more ways to wear your outfit. These looks are simple, classy and good-looking. They are definitely something we can all wear here during Australia’s autumn/winter.

What are your thoughts? What other Australian fashion labels do you support?


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