Fitness Friday: Push Up Variations

Push up is a really good exercise. You can do it almost anywhere, at home, at the gym or even when you are at the hotel. It is a good cardiovascular workout and also a good chest workout. At the end of 2012, I was absolutely very terrible with push up and with determination, hard work and practice, I can do the normal push up easily and I am looking forward to share with you all some push up variations you can try the next time you are doing some push ups!

#1: Wide Grip Push Up

Basically this is similar to the standard push up except you need to widen the distance between your two shoulders. This maybe a harder but it will improve your overall strength and help to develop your shoulder, chest and triceps too


#2: Diamond Push Up

This push up will stimulate your triceps more than any push up. I have to admit that it is not easy but it is not doable. Start off with just a couple of push up per rep and work your way up. However, this push up may put some additional pressure on your shoulders and elbows.


#3: Decline Pushup

This variation will make the standard push up significantly harder. This variation requires you to place your feet higher than your hand. This variation is good for people who wants to work on their chest, arm, back and shoulders. It is advisable to start off with five to ten standard push up before you start to do decline push ups.



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