Fashion Friday: Autumn Accessories

Finally it is the cooler seasons in Australia. With Australia formally entering autumn, I like to share with you some fashion statements which is essential, chic and stylish this season. For the past few seasons, designers are trying to change the impression of autumn/winter by introducing bright colours. However, there are days I prefer colour tones that are darker during the cold seasons.

Today I like to share with you all some of my favourite accessories from Balenciaga that I think is a must-have for fashion lovers this autumn/winter. The colour tones may not be as bright but I love how Balenciaga compliment the darker colour tone.

Panier Clutch Blue

The Panier Clutch is such a beautiful clutch for the ladies going out for dinners or parties. Instead of playing it safe and boring with a classic black clutch, this Balenciaga clutch is the perfect accessory for fashion adventurer!

Panier Shopping Basket XS

The Panier Shopping Bag XS is inspired by the French fashion house classic “Arena” bag with a little twist. Having the similar tone to the Panier Clutch, this bag is another day-to-night accessories for ladies. From working in the morning to shopping and dinner with family, how could someone not scream “OMG #2Die4”?

Panier Shopping Basket M

If you love a big bag or simply because you have too many things to carry, Balenciaga Panier Shopping Bag M perhaps is the answer to your prayers! Generous amount of room, effortless way to look glamorous, I think this bag will be a girl’s best friend for this season and more seasons to come. After all, who does not love to rock a classic bag from a designer label?

Balenciaga Day Black

Last but not the least, gentlemen! This Balenciaga Day has been on my wishlist for a while already! I really want this shoulder bag so badly. It is the perfect accessory for the working class. Whether you are driving, cycling or catching the public transport to work, this accessory will make gentleman stands out of the bustling crowd. This classic piece will never go out of season so it is definitely worth buying.


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