Happy 21st Adeline!

Last Sunday, I attended Adeline’s 21st birthday. The theme is clashing colours so before you go ahead and criticise the fashion crimes, read the theme: CLASHING COLOURS! It was both fun and challenging to dress in clashing colours. It was fun to relax since everyone comes in outrageous outfit and colours are clashing and the fashion police are off patrol! It was a fun night catching up with mates I have not seen for a while and getting to meet new people!

Happy 21st Birthday to you again Adeline! You’re such an amazing friend with such a big heart. You’re so friendly, lovely and insanely intelligent! I wish you all the best on your birthday and future endeavour. I am thrilled to know you love your present too!

Adeline's 21st 1 Adeline's 21st 3 Adeline's 21st 5 Adeline's 21st 22

Adeline's 21st 4

Style Snapshot: I’m wearing Zara classic polo and Dockers alpha khaki. I finish up the look with Biotherm facial products to keep the glow during summer evening.


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