UWA O-DAY 2014

I went to my university’s O-Day yesterday! O-Day is one of my favourite days on campus! It is the day where the entire campus comes to life with all the different clubs and societies setting up stalls, giving out freebies! To me O-Day is a good time for me to catch up with so many mates that I have not seen for ages! Despite the scorching and glaring sun yesterday, I had fun taking photos and loading them on UWA Official Instagram account. After a long exhausting day, we went to our favourite Varsity Bar, sat down, kicked back and relaxed! It is always nice to get together with mates, relax and talk. What a fun day!


Anndrea and LH Take UWA!


CIAO SEB!!! I miss Sebastian so much who has been away for a semester!


Oh hi Anndrea!


Celebrating multiculturalism.


Oh hi Josh! So glad to run into him!


The Indonesian Students Society (INDOSS) ran by my friends


My one and only trashy pop songs sing-a-long buddy. I miss her.


I Adore… Mama Sarah!


Matt and Sarah (middle) representing the Study Abroad Office. Lucky Sarah who spent an entire semester in Europe!


Carlo and Erica from the UWA Italian Club

Style Snapshot: I’m wearing Nike polo, Conbipel shorts (which I bought from Italy) and Havaianas shoes.


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