Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I love shopping presents and contribute to gift ideas so I thought I could share some of my gift ideas for anyone squeezing your brain juice, thinking what to get for your Valentine.

#1: Romantic Escapade at a Resort

Valentines 1

Coincidence or not, Valentine’s Day falls on Friday this year and what better way to spend this romantic weekend than a weekend escapade to a resort? Enjoy some peace and quiet in the tranquil countryside, soak in the sun and swim in the crystal blue pool! If your resort is by the sea you could even stroll along the beach during sunset and witness the beauty of sunset together with your loved ones. To find your nearest resort, I personally recommend for wide variety and good deal. You can also download the app from the App Store to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

#2: Dress Him Up!

Valentines 2He works hard, shouts you delicious dinners and showers you with gifts so it is time now for you to show him your love! Suit and tie are always an ideal gift for him if he is working. Going after plain and basic colour like grey and black will never be wrong. Stay simple, classy and he is safe from being prosecuted by the fashion police. Here, I have picked Marni Spring Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear (RTW) collection.

#3: She Loves Pink Roses

Valentines 3

Every girl loves to receive flowers  especially roses on Valentine’s Day. Pink is such a beautiful colour especially on this day. Roses can never go wrong on this special occasion. Find your local florist, mix things up with different shades of pinks. You can even hide your surprise in the bouquet if some of you are ready to drop the question on that night!

#4: Your Love is Like a Bottle of Red Wine

Valentines 4

Like a good bottle of red wine, it gets even better as time elapses. Who does not want their relationship to flourish like red one? Red wine is such a symbolic gift on this day. Call it superstitious or whatever, I believe this is a good luck charm to any couple. It is also like a promise to themselves to stay together no matter what happen in the coming days because relationship that goes through the rain and the sun together are the one that flourish the best.

What are your thoughts about these Valentine’s Day gift ideas? I hope they can inspire or help you to decide what to get for your loved ones on 14 February! Most importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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