Trendy Tuesday: Shine This Summer

It is mid summer in Australia now. In summer, it’s all about the beach, barbecue, parties, festivals and vacation! Australian’s summer is different to most other countries. We could peak up to 50 degree Celsius in summer which is so crazy! That kind of heat is too much for me and makes me think about escaping the heat during this sweltering season. This week Trendy Tuesday I looked into Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014 collection for some inspiration on what to wear and how to rock this hot season.

CK SS14 1 CK SS14 2

I reckon this is such a versatile outfit. You can wear it as a singlet on cooler days or as a sweater when you are at the airport waiting to board your plane. And I love the bright blue colour it makes you shine this summer!

CK SS14 3 CK SS14 4 CK SS14 5 CK SS14 6

These t-shirts prints are so beautiful. Of the beautiful beach, azure sky, white clouds and colourful sunset, they remind us what a true blue summer is! Definitely summer is all about the beach, sky and the sun. These t-shirts are so easy to match and pair up with, a pair of jeans or shorts if you are heading out for parties or outing with mates, a pair of swim suits if you are heading the beach with friends. Anyhow, these t-shirts are so easy to make you shine this summer!

CK SS14 7 CK SS14 8
If you are a gym goer, then this summer it is time for you to show off your hard work at the gym. Calvin Klein’s singlet is a must-have for you and best thing, it is a simple plain white colour that will never go out of season. I like how it matches the singlet with a pair of blue pants. It creates an entirely different feel. It pushes the boundary but it definitely makes you shine too this summer!


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