2014 Resolution

In 2014, I pledge to continue to support the two causes that matters a lot to me:

1. (RED)

2013 has been a remarkable year for the global foundation (RED). We have achieved so many great achievement and milestones that we could have never imagined before. With over 9.7 million of the world population now have access to medication to HIV/AIDS and by 2015, babies in the Africa continent can be born HIV-free! Thanks to the foundation supporters and business partners like Apple, in 2014, I hope everyone can continue to purchase product (RED) goods as the sales profit goes directly to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

For more information about (RED), please visit the official site, Facebook and Twitter page.

RED 2014


Everyday, many people out there are in need of your generosity. Car accident victims, patients undergoing treatment, children born with blood diseases etc. need your generosity to help keep them alive. In 2014, I hope you will roll up your sleeve and kindly make a generous donation to help save lives. 1 in 3 Australians needs blood to help them stay alive and for everyone one whole blood donation, you can be a superhero and save up to 3 lives!

Don’t hesitate anymore. Please roll up your sleeve and give the gift of life – donate blood. For more information, see Red Cross website, Facebook and Twitter page and also YouTube channel.

Donate Blood 2014


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