Toss back Tuesday: 2013 in Recap

Happy New Year Eve everyone! I cannot believe it is the last day of 2013! It seems like yesterday I was counting down to 2013 at Burswood, Perth with my mates, partying and watching fireworks! Where has the year gone to! To wrap up this insanely crazy and beautiful year, I’ll like to list down my 10 MOST memorable events or happenings throughout the year.


Like seriously, after years of hard work, I finally nailed my Math major. I could not be more than happy and proud of myself and my achievement. It all started as a naive dream of getting a Math degree in university. Soon, the dream becomes a vision and evolves into a motivation. The journey has not always been easy, there are days that are smooth and there are moments that are difficult. The journey is not easy, but looking back it is always worthwhile. I like to say a humongous THANK YOU to my supportive parents for their unfailing support throughout these years, and teachers and lecturers who have inspired and helped me in one way or another.


I am truly fortunate and blessed to be given the opportunity to go for exchange in Bergamo, Italy in June-July this year. A month away from home abroad, staying with a host family, living in a foreign country speaking a foreign language, it is a wild but unforgettable experience. Immersing in the Italian culture, food and lifestyle, it truly is La Vita è Bella! I cannot wait to go back to Bergamo soon! Again, I am deeply thankful for my parents for their financial and moral support. I could not have ventured that far in life without them. I am lucky enough to be offered a scholarship by UWA to do this exchange programme.



I worked hard and I am glad the effort pays off when I bought my very first designer label with my own money! I could not be more than happy to buy my very first Balenciaga wallet and I would not trade anything in this world for it, just because it holds so much significance to me. This, I am really thankful of the job opportunities offered to me by UWA.


Finally, our long-awaited annual family trip is back! I always remember when I was still in school, I am literally the luckiest boy on Earth having the opportunity to travel around the world with my late grandparents and my family. The experience and the moment shared together are priceless. This year, the four of us went to Vietnam. We visited exotic places like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vung Tau and Halong Bay. Vietnam has so much to offer and I strongly recommend Vietnam to anyone who is scratching their head for their next holiday destination.



For our annual catchup and getaway, Amanda, Katrina and I had a 4-days escapade to Augusta, located at the tip of South-West Australia. Augusta is a beautiful little town with its own local charm. We have a relax trip, escaping the cacophony of city life and a little technology detox! I love how we spent the night sitting on the couch, talking, drinking hot tea, juice and alcohol (weird combination?), chatting, watching Dear John and lots more. We took a lot of good pictures which are still lying in my camera. Let’s talk efficiency!



In February, I went to Beijing and Chengde with my family and my extended family. My grandpa left us in August 2012 and according to the Chinese custom and tradition, we are forbid to celebrate Chinese New Year the following year. Hence, we all agree to have a getaway during the CNY holiday. China was insanely cold when we visited. My sister and I left home feeling unwell and we ended up spending the holiday feeling sick most the time. The worst that could happen to me was having a stomachache. There was a day when I decided to spend the whole day inside my hotel room. Although this was not the most ideal holiday, I am still happy we get to spend our CNY together as a family.


Back in October, I was honoured to receive an award presented to me by the UniMentor team. I have joined UniMentor since September 2011 and I found the programme really beneficial and interesting, to both new incoming students and to the mentor too. I learned so much along the way. Like many other journeys, there are days of happiness and moments of sorrow. When I receive my award, I was literally on cloud nine and the award is so beautiful! I still display it proudly in my home and I am thankful to everyone who recognises my effort. It made every single effort worthwhile and rekindled my passion in the programme.



Congratulations to my sister for finally graduating! Knowing my sister, getting out of university and wrapping up this chapter of life are probably her biggest accomplishment she has ever had! We are incredibly proud of her – her achievement, her effort, her diligence and the person she has turned out to be. I always believe that my grandparents are still always looking after us from above and I know that if there are still alive today, they would be incredibly proud of my sister’s achievement.



In June-July 2013, our family moved from Mt Claremont to Mt Pleasant. It is our third move in Australia since we migrated there. The move is insane and moving from the Western suburbs to another means a big change to my schedule and lifestyle. I loathed and opposed the motion to move since I love the Western suburb so much. Gradually I have to let it sink. I cannot deny I am still making the effort to minimise the change in the lifestyle that I am used to in the Western suburb. I still get my grocery from Coles Claremont, shopping at Claremont Quarter and even go to my gym at Claremont. I guess I am pretty much a Claremont boy at heart. Looking on a bigger picture though, I am thankful for my parents for providing a better lifestyle in Perth. They are superb parents whom I am forever grateful.


Last but not the least, to all my friends, I love you all so much. I am so glad we met and became really good friends. We have our good days and bad moments, like any other group of friends. At the end of the day, I am still grateful to have met you all, you all make waking up at 6am everyday to go to university worthwhile. No words can describe what we have been through together except the memories that we ingrained inside us. With here, I look forward to another amazing 2014 with you all, and perhaps with new faces along the way too!

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Last Word from #LH: Finally, to close the year 2013, I just want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year 2014! May the New Year brings you abundant of joy, happiness, laughter, love, luck, peace, prosperity and success!


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