Christmas Gift Idea #4: Chocolate Cream Biscuits

With Christmas drawing closer and closer, and if you are still freaking out because you haven’t bought anyone any gift yet, why not give the gift of your talented skills in the kitchen? There are still a few more days to go so you can always run down to your nearest supermarket and pick up some groceries, make some sweet dessert for the sweet tooth, bring it to Christmas family dinner or Christmas parties and viola! You can impress the huge crowd with your mad culinary skills!

I chose Chocolate Cream Biscuits for a few reasons. First, who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate also has so may different varieties so you can make a few to cater people of different dietary requirements. I love dark chocolate as it makes me feel less guilty eating them! I found this recipe from Better Homes and Garden. I have previously tried a couple of recipes from that page and I love the food. Simple and easy to make! You can try them this festive season too.

Therefore, this holiday, give the gift of love and art by investing some time in your kitchen. You can always try this with your family! It is always fun to cook in the kitchen with your family especially at this time of the year!


Note: The final product and the image shown may be different.


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