Christmas Gift Idea #2: iPad Air

Another great Christmas gift idea this holiday season is definitely Apple’s iPad air. The new iPad air is launched in early November and is unbelievably thin and light. It would make a perfect gift to the working class and regardless of men or women. With the Apple designed A7 chip and the latest operating system iOS7, I personally think that the iPad air would make such a good Christmas present to anyone. The iPad air is so useful and powerful! More and more people are using the iPad everyday, at home, school, work or when anyone travel.

The few main reasons why the iPad air is a good gift idea:

  • 7.5 mm thin only
  • Weigh under 500 g
  • A7 chip and comes with iOS7, the world’s most advance operating software
  • Beautiful 9.7″ retina display
  • 5MP iSight Camera, 1.2MP Facetime HD Camera, 1080P HD Video Recording

There are so much more about the iPad air. For more information, please go to Apple website. I cannot tell you how much I love the iPad air and I wish someone could play Secret Santa and give me an iPad air this Christmas!

iPad air 2 iPad air 3


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