Wardrobe Wednesday: Beach Accessories

I am still slapping my own face as I am writing my blog – December is here already. OHMYGAWD! Officially summer now in Australia but most of us have already been to the beach since the weather starts to warm up in spring. Beach is such a big part of our lifestyle as Aussie but I love to channel some fashion and styles when I go to the beach.

This week we look at a Australian company founded in Sydney in 2004 – Sunnylife. I love Sunnylife products as they are inspired by our very local summers and designed based on the summer we have in mind. I particularly love their beach towels as the prints look so stylish and colourful – and it is easy to find yours too when you go to a crowded beach where everyone use a simple monotone beach towel! The company also sell a wide variety of beach accessories which would be a good addition to your wardrobe this summer!

Sunnylife 4 Sunnylife 3 Sunnylife 1 Sunnylife 2 Sunnylife 5

What are your favourite thing to do at the beach? And which is your favourite beach? Share your thoughts by leaving your comment. Have a great summer!


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