Wardrobe Wednesday: Youthful in Yellow

Spring is finally here and with few more weeks to go summer is here! Living in Australia and Perth in particular where summer can reach its pinnacles at 50 degrees Celsius is insane. As much as I love the beach, sometimes the scorching weather could be annoying. So this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday I have scouted for some of my favourite pieces from American Apparel, one of my all time favourite fashion lines to help you dress and look good in summer with minimum effort!

I think YELLOW will be a big thing this summer. Bright, energetic, cheerful and uplifting, yellow is definitely the colour to go in summer. Whether you are going out casually for shopping or lunch or hitting the beach, you can never go wrong with yellow. It gives you the sense of style and all you need to pair it up is with a simple plain t-shirt or singlet. Or even better topless for guys who has worked out for the whole year – now’s the time to show off your hard work!

For beach goers, these two pieces of swimming trunks are definitely the best way to rock the scene. Pair it up with a good pair of sunglasses which you can get them too at an affordable price from American Apparel and you are all set!

Spring Summer 2014 Men 13 Spring Summer 2014 Men 14

If you are just heading out to catch up with your family and friends for lunch or dinner, or hitting the mall, pairing up your yellow shorts with a plain top is the way to go. If you do not want to take any fashion risk, always pair up your yellow shorts with: white, yellow (of different tones), blue, green, brown or black and you’re ready to step on the scene confidently.

Spring Summer 2014 Men 10 Spring Summer 2014 Men 11 Spring Summer 2014 Men 12

And for those of you who love to match something up with your denim or shorts of other colours, again jeans goes well with literally any colour but if you have shorts of the following colour: white, dark brown and black, then you can finish off your Outfit of the Day (OOTD) look with a glaring yellow that channels in so much youth, vibrancy and enthusiasm into yourself.

Spring Summer 2014 Men 4 Spring Summer 2014 Men 5 Spring Summer 2014 Men 6 Spring Summer 2014 Men 7


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