Clear Goal for The Future!


In less than 2 years time in 2015, we could expect an AIDS free generation! How amazing is that! Thinking back few decades ago, getting HIV or AIDS pretty much spells D-E-A-T-H. For some people, like innocent babies who inherit HIV from their parent or parents were not given the choice. Rather, it has become their fate which is really unfair to them. This is why I support the (RED) cause to fight HIV and to deliver an AIDS free generation in the Africa by 2015.

In my previous post, we have already seen a massive increase of 3000% of people accessing help to cure or treat HIV over 11 years time. With your generosity and support, we can continue this noble cause to deliver a healthy future for children in Africa. More children will be born with better health and opportunity in the future. And all we need is your kind generosity of purchasing any product (RED) items and well-known companies such as Apple, Nike, Gap, Beats by Dr. Dre etc. will be donating the profit from these product (RED) items to the foundation.

Once again, I just want to reassure you that (RED) has a clear goal for the future and this goal has never been clearer than before.


With your support, together we can create a fairer and healthier tomorrow. You and I could be part of a bigger picture to shape the world that we live in tomorrow.


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