Donate Blood, Save Lives!

Another cause that I am extremely supportive of is donating blood. When I was 16, I lost my grandma to cancer. Throughout the years as my grandma battled cancer and other sickness, she needed blood and my family and I were more than grateful and thankful for the generosity of anonymous blood donors out there. Without them, my grandma could not have made it that far. Hence, these unnamed and unheard heroes have inspired me to follow their footsteps and give back to the society.

In 2012, I have decided to donate my blood for the first time. Ever since I have been donating blood every other 3 months through Red Cross Blood Services to help any residents in Australia who needs my blood. Gradually it has become a cause that I support and advocate. I hope to inspire and motivate people to contribute and give back more to the society. You never know one day you or your loved ones may need the generosity of all these anonymous heroes.

Every 3 months you can donate your blood at any Red Cross Blood Services branch or donor centre or even mobile units. Do you know that about a third of blood donated goes to cancer and blood disease patients who really need your generosity to keep them going?

For more information on how you can support such a noble cause, please visit the Red Cross Blood Services website, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel.

How donated blood is used_web



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