From 900 to Zero

Everyday there are 900 babies born with HIV. This is a cruel and unjust fact to the innocent babies who are born with this disease that will change their life forever. HIV/AIDS carriers or inheritors are constantly being discriminated by the society and judged based on stereotypes. This does not align parallel to my strong and fundamental believe of equality for all. This will further broaden the gap in our society, promote and ingrain discrimination, prejudice and judgment in a world that we live in and in our children’s tomorrow.

What we can do is to support a global noble cause to stop HIV transmission from mothers to their babies, particularly in the Africa continent. Many mothers in Africa are still not aware about the danger of HIV/AIDS and efforts are constantly carried out so that they are aware about the existence of HIV and how can we all put an end to this tragic happening. By supporting the (RED) global foundation or purchasing product (RED), you and I are making a huge difference to the African community and an even bigger contribution in shaping our world’s future in the context of health and well-being and social justice.



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