Fragrance Friday: Brit Rhythm

It has been a while since I blogged about fragrance. I love fragrance and as a self-acclaimed perfumista, I enjoy perfume shopping with my mum, sister or friends. It is a simple pleasure in life for me to browse around the departmental stores and sniff some perfumes. After all, at the end of the day it makes me feel relaxed and a good way to unwind and pamper myself.

I recently came across this new fragrance from Burberry – Brit Rhythm. It brings a really youthful and instinctive odour for men. And best thing is I believe it will be such a lovely gift to anyone: daddy, husband, boyfriend, mates and so on. A beautiful combination of basil verveina, cardamom and juniper berries,  Burberry has designed a simple yet elegant bottle to complement its fragrance.

So the next time when you are going for perfume shopping, why not consider Burberry Brit Rhythm? And yes I am a proud owner of one. Loved!

Burberry Rhythm

Burberry Rhythm 2


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