Fight AIDS in Africa

(RED) is a global foundation set up to fight against AIDS in Africa. I am proud to be one of the millions supporters out there because I fundamentally believe in improving the health care of innocent babies, kids and children of Africa.  It is unfair and unjust for these innocent souls to be born with HIV considering that they inherited it from one of the parent or their parents by nature, not by choice. Therefore, I hope through my blog and all my social networks to inspire people to join the force to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and deliver an HIV-free generation* by 2015.

A lot of effort has been going on and many successful and touching stories are happening each day. All these are recorded on (RED) website, Facebook and Twitter. This could not be done without the global effort from everyone. And special thanks to the breakthrough in science, particularly in the biomedical field, each and everyday we are one step closer to our vision and to deliver a better life for kids in Africa.

Hence, I will write up a post each week to talk about this global foundation which means a lot to me. Once again, I really do hope you can have a look at the foundation, see what they have done and are doing, and how you can contribute to this nobel cause.


*HIV-free generation means the transmission of the disease from mothers to children only.


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