Fashion Friday: LNA Pre-Spring 2013

Happy Fashion Friday everyone! Can’t believe time flies so quickly and July is about to be over. And this means that winter is almost over too! I know some of you are cheering as summer is about to come but as for me, I miss winter. Winter is one of my favourite seasons as I get to throw on different outfits everyday, mix and match my outfits with different accessories like scarf and boots. Anyway, love it or hate it. Winter is about to go and then comes along spring. I am so excited to share with you all some of my favourite pre-spring collection from LNA. Check them out:

Pre Spring 1 Pre Spring 2 Pre Spring 3 Pre Spring 4 Pre Spring 5 Pre Spring 6

I personally think that the team at LNA has put together an amazing effort and collaboration with their pre-spring 2013 collection. I like how simple they are and you can wear them through spring and maybe to the early summer. What are your thoughts? Love to hear from you all too.


One thought on “Fashion Friday: LNA Pre-Spring 2013

  1. WOAH! I love all the clothing from that collection, and the pictures they took are gorgeous. Where I’m living, it’s currently summer and everyone’s having fun going to be beach daily and getting their tan on. Personally, I like winter the best and just want the hot weather to leave. I actually love every piece from that collection, the simplicity is really nice. Also, if you don’t mind, I’d love it if you’d take a peek at my blog!

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