Bye Bergamo

One of the things I strongly dislike and if possible I would want to avoid is goodbye. Bidding goodbye is never easy for me, especially you have harboured your feeling and ingrained part of your soul into something. You feel like you have left part of yourself at one place, after spending three weeks in a beautiful city that was once a stranger to you. From feeling lost, experiencing cultural shock upon arrival to packing up, getting ready to leave and saying goodbye, I feel like I am leaving part of me in Bergamo.

Today, as I strolled along the city and let my imaginations roam freely, my thoughts scatter randomly and my emotion flows endlessly, I have millions of thoughts that came into my mind. I left my footsteps behind each trail that I walked past, perhaps in the memories of friends that I have newly made and in the pages of my mates that I have already known. But above all, Bergamo, to me, has left an important page in my story. It is an experience that nothing in this world I would trade it for. It is a priceless experience and this trip has not only be fulfilling physically and mentally but I feel like it is spiritually fulfilling too.

However, think about this: Do we ever leave a place behind? We never leave a place, do we? 3 weeks together in a beautiful place, surrounded with people from all across the world. We met new people, we made new friends and we fostered our friendship among the ones we have known. To me, I feel like I left a part of me in Bergamo. A part of me that will always stay in this city forever. A part of me that I will find it again, someday when I come back. Bust most of all, thank you to my two lovely host families: Luca & family, Enrico & family, friends and mates, teachers and everyone else whom I have shared these three fabulous weeks together, making this place so unforgettable. And thus, an ocean of thanks for penning an interesting chapter in my life.

As we close a chapter and await for another one to begin, I think sometimes in life there is always a second chance to reopen the previous chapter, as we take a down memory lane, reviving these wonderful memories that lives forever in our memory.



2 thoughts on “Bye Bergamo

  1. Ciao Leon ho appena letto Bye Bergamo. Belle parole! Sono d’accordo con te, non si lascia mai veramente un posto. E quando torno a Bergamo, dopo qualche giorno, รจ come se non me ne fossi mai andata ๐Ÿ™‚ Marinella

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