Wardrobe Wednesday: Paige Denim

One of the best things in fashion, undeniably is denim! I love how we can wear denim literally whole year round. With more and more people are willing to push the boundary of fashion, we are seeing more people wearing their favourite pairs of jeans or denim everyday. 10 years ago, I don’t think it is acceptable for someone to wear a pair of denim to work but with more liberation and freedom in terms of fashion these days, more and more people wear jeans for various purposes and occasions. There are so many places we can put on a pair of denim without people staring at you, like weekend parties, sites visits, laboratories work, keynote presentations, office meetings, universities and colleges and so much more.

And the next question is how can we stay trendy with denim? Are we stuck forever with the classic blue and black? I was browsing through PAIGE website and saw all these beautiful colourful denim. I thought I could share with everyone since I think you can wear them whole year round and these pops of colour just add a little variation and colour to your wardrobe too! You can easily match them with a t-shirt or shirt and throw on any types of shoes without hesitation.

I have picked some of my favourite pieces from PAIGE. What do you all think? What is yoru favourite colour?

Paige Denim 2 Paige Denim 3Paige Denim 4 Paige Denim 5 Paige Denim 6 Paige Denim 7 Paige Denim 8 Paige Denim 9


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