Bergamo Week 1

Let me first explain my absence from blogging. I am currently on my one-month exchange programme in Bergamo, a beautiful city located 40km NE of Milan. I arrived at Milan last Wednesday and stayed with two lovely host families.

With the first family, I had so much fun with the family and did so many things together. I watched my first football match in my entire life. Yes, my very first European football match. We were drinking, snacking and cheering for Italy, obviously. My host family prepared so many scrumptious authentic Italian food for me everyday and I utterly feel blessed and loved. Luca and Elena brought me to a local community center where I played ping pong with Marinella, my professor and her husband! It was 9pm at night but who cares, it is summer here and it is the best time to travel since we get abundant of daytime. It rekindled my passion for ping pong and brought back so much fond memories when I first started playing ping pong back in primary school. And by the way, Elena is Marinella’s younger sister.

My second host family are equally lovely and friendly. Enrico, Silvana and their son, Daniele are such a loving family. They made me all these delicious food every dinner and I could not complain more apart from part of me missing dim sum back in Perth and of course, kolo mee and laksa back in Kuching! Life is incredibly well and I could not ask for more than these loving people. I feel so blessed and I am utterly thankful for their hospitality and care.

The first week of university was over. I was placed in an Upper Intermediate (3A) class. Every single lesson is taught in Italian of course. It was a struggle for me at first since most my classes back in UWA are taught in bilingual, being English and Italian. Meanwhile, in Universita degli Studi di Bergamo, we are being taught completely in Italian! And my host families speak to me in Italian so I have been speaking so much Italian for the past few days that I find myself struggling a little writing this post in English. Of course, I confuse myself with the grammar in Italian and English.

I snapped some pictures of the beautiful city of Bergamo. Bergamo is divided into two parts: Città Alta (Upper City) and Città Bassa (Lower City) due to its historical background. My university is situated in the Upper City and my host family lives in the Lower City. Everyday I need to take two buses to the university from my house. Occasionally, I would take a bus from my house to Piazza Libertà (Liberty Square) . Then I would take a walk or rather a hike up to the upper city. It is indeed a good cardio workout and worthwhile as you get to enjoy all the picturesque scene. Well, a picture tells a thousand words so here are the first few snaps I have taken. More to come!


View of the Lower City from the Upper City


Another view of the Lower City from the Upper City


A easy hike to the Upper City


Beautiful Italian restaurant and courtyard


The Campanone (Bell Tower) situated in Piazza Vecchia


Flashback: Old building of my university for 3 weeks


Typical street in Italy – narrow and small


Fountain donated by one of the last city mayors. Part of Piazza Vecchia

DSC_2593Sealed for a thousand years.


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