Dear Grandma, I Still Miss You!

Dear Grandma,

5 years. It has been 5 years since you left us on this day, without a word. No words can explain how heartbroken and sad I was and even today, I am still thinking about you: the journeys we had walked together and the adventures we could have possibly ventured together. I wish you would be there at my graduation, wedding ceremony and even having my children in your gentle affectionate hands. Life is never predictable and that makes us learn to cherish every moment that we have now.

5 years. Sometimes it has been a lonely path to walk alone. An endless battle against my own emotion especially today. I cried remorsing your death. I cried reminiscing the pain the day you left us. I cried for this pain deep down inside my heart, no matter how much time has elapsed can never heal it. You have been the best grandmother I have ever known. I am truly blessed to have you as my grandmother for 16 years in my life. Yes, 16 years may appear to be short compared to others, but what is more important is the lessons and values you have instilled in me. These priceless things are immortal. They live forever, in my heart and soul.

It rains on a cold autumn morning today which makes things seem harder but all I can do, is imagining you holding my hands like when I was a child. I knew you would walk through with me today, like always.

Leon X


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