Stylish Saturday: H&M

Here comes the weekend everyone! With spring hitting the Northern hemisphere, I would like to share with you all some of my favourite pieces from H&M. The main inspiration behind why I have chosen green as the theme colour for Spring/Summer 13 is the background colour that the Kardashian sisters have chosen for their Kardashian Kollection SS13 campaign. Also, spring is all about the blooming buds and growing greens. Therefore, I think green will be a big hit this season. What do you all think?

And for this week Fashion Friday/ Stylish Saturday, I have chosen H&M. Firstly, H&M is an affordable brand like Kardashian Kollection yet they are so trendy and fashionable. Secondly, I personally think it allows people from all walks of life to wear H&M pieces and still can hit the streets with confidence and style without having to worry about your bank account.

So here are some of the pictures I have taken from H&M Spring Summer 2013 campaign for men. I love how many ways you can show off the green colour this season! Out of the 5 pictures below, tell me which is your favourite! Xo

FF H&M 1 FF H&M 2 FF H&M 3 FF H&M 4 FF H&M 5

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