Jerry’s 21st Birthday

I went to dinner with two of my best friends whom I met in Kuching! What a coincidence that both of them are in Perth so we have decided to celebrate Jerry’s 21st birthday together. And since Jerry has never tried Vietnamese cuisine before and there are not many Vietnamese restaurants back home, so it is a good choice for all of us. We have such a wonderful and memorable evening together, enjoying food and catching up with one another! Life has been umpteen different ever since we have all parted ways into our own lifestyle. It is always a good thing to keep up with friends. And the restaurant despite being really crowded, serves really scrumptious food!

I am wearing Marcs t-shirt, Levi’s denim, French Connection canvas belt and Stone shoes.


Vietnamese signature prawn rice roll


Deep fried chicken wings


Rice vermicelli with spring rolls and mince meat


Asian greens and prawns with special Vietnamese sauce


The Birthday Boy – Jerry Ting! Have an auspicious 21st!!!


Tan Yee – all the way from Kuching!


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