Bounce Right Into Your Heart (Part 1: Extended)

Because I am a strong believer of love. And I believe fundamentally in it.

“Try me bro. I have been waiting for you to say that,” Matthew was more than eager. Travis led him to the bathroom. He banged and closed the door loudly. He could not help himself but pressed his lips onto Matt’s. The feeling was eccentric. Matt kissed back at him fiercely. He helped Travis to undress while Travis pulled Matt’s jersey off.

“This is the most beautiful body I have ever seen,” Travis’ heart pounded even quicker. He was trying to hold his breathe and he found it difficult to breathe.

“I have been working out, just saving for this special moment,” Matthew looked at Travis’ broad chest and well-defined six abs, he could not help himself but throw himself forward, worshipping his lover’s body. They hugged and kissed one another from time to time before Travis finally made love to Matthew. They both made passionate love in the shower room for the first time. Matthew lost his virginity and he was glad Travis had the honour.

Before the rest of team came in and shower, the two young men quickly cleaned themselves and threw on some fresh clothes. Travis put on a dark Nike singlet, a pair of Paige’s denim and his Nike sports shoes. Matthew was still a little overwhelmed by what had just happened. As he overlooked Travis packing up, he could see his biceps moving and he craved for more love from his boyfriend. He shook himself as he heard the rest of the players were coming in to the locker room. He put on a white Tommy Hilfiger polo and a pair of striking yellow shorts that complimented his top on a cheerful spring afternoon. He quickly grabbed his Adidas sneakers and both of them ran away from the locker before the crowd spotted them together.

They ran as quickly as they could to the car park. Matt was trying to avoid the attention especially with his bright yellow shorts. They made it to Travis’ silver convertible and loaded everything inside the car boot. Travis’ made a quick start and left the stadium. On the way, Matthew could not help himself but keep on looking at him and smiled.

“What?” Travis was a little annoyed but somehow felt entertained being watched by him.

“You are cute, Travis,” he gently touched his face.

“Babe thank you,” Travis smiled back.

Later, Travis drove him to a beach nearby where they usually spent their lazy summer days together, playing beach balls and looking at girls. They admitted that time both of them were trying to hide who they really are, having fear that they may be rejected or discriminated if they disclose their sexuality. Travis parked the car in an empty parking space and wind up the moon roof. In his convertible, he wrapped Matthew around his arm. Matt laid his head on his chest and made himself comfortable. The beach was especially serene and peaceful that day. As the sky was illuminated with bright red and orange, flocks of birds flew across the horizon, sunset was never that beautiful before. They closed their eyes and listened to the calm sea waves and the gentle breeze lapped on their face. Matthew was feeling his muscular arms while Travis brushed his fingers across his soft brown hair and looked at his handsome face.

Matthew found comfort and security in his assuring grabs while Travis enjoyed the feeling of protecting the man that he loved. He whispered words of love into Matt’s ears and in return Matt kissed him back.

“This afternoon, it was beautiful,” Matthew whispered.

“Is it your first time?” he asked.

He nodded.

Travis drew him closer to his body and said, “You are the first man I am with. And the first I made love to. So how long have you been waiting for today, Matt?” he whispered.

“I have always wanted to bounce right into your heart since we first met,” he looked at him. Under the clear starry night, he said, “I have always waited for you but I do not know if you feel the same way as I do about you. Every time when we hangout at this beach, you keep on asking me to check out the hot chic that passed by. I had to hold my guards up so I would not fall for a ‘straight’ guy.”

“But then you did,” Travis murmured.

“I could not help how I feel for you anymore,” he answered. “It drove me insane everytime I think about you Travis. I have always secretly wished you are gay. When I went to Rome last year with my family, I made a wish at the Trevi fountain that…”

“That I was gay and I felt the same way as you felt the same way for me?” Travis continued.

“You read my mind,” he flirted a little. Travis kissed him back and explained, “Because I felt the same way as you too. Although you did not give me much responds everytime I asked you to check out the girls at beach, you are always with Amy, so I thought…”

“You thought I liked her,” Matthew barged in.

“Now you read my mind,” he repeated.

“It is just everyone else in my school is saying,” he explained. “I am used to these stories already.”

“Don’t worry you are mine now Matthew,” Travis assured him. Both of them looked into their eyes for a moment. Matthew threw himself forward and kissed him passionately again. French kiss, to be exact. He could not resist Travis’ body and took off his shirt after a minute kissing him. In return, Travis could not stop making passionate love to him.

Intense. Fierce. Mad. Vigorous. That was how they made love to one another inside the convertible.

Travis was lying on his legs with his briefs on. Matthew could not help his hands dancing on his picture perfect body. All covered with perspiration and still suffering high level of adrenaline and testerone hormones, Matt wore his yellow shorts only. They spent some quite moments together when suddenly Travis broke the silence.

“You are taking a risk, you realise that?” he asked.

“Life is like on the basketball court. You got to take the risk at every shot cause at the end of the day, even if the shot was not inaccurate, you would not regret you did not take the risk,” Matthew said.

Travis raised and held his beautiful face in his sweaty hands, stared at his eyes and said, “I love the way you brought our relationship and our passion together.” Before he could speak, he leaned towards him and kissed him again. Then, Travis brought Matthew closer into his arm and whispered the message of love into his ears, “I love you, Matt.”

“I love you too Travis,” he laid himself on Travis broad chest as he held Travis’ hand.

As the sea breeze continued to whistle through the dark lonely night, both of them felt so warm in each other’s cuddle. They were anything except for lonely. Matt lingered his finger over and over his body and on the other hand, he felt being appreciated and loved by his man. At that very moment, he wished the whole world would stop then, so he could spend the rest of his life, holding Travis’ hand, lying on his chest and being with him forever.

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One thought on “Bounce Right Into Your Heart (Part 1: Extended)

  1. Beautiful story! How I wish it were that way for me. I waited until I was 48 to acknowledge I was a gay man.

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