Bounce Right Into Your Heart (Part 1)

Dedicated to my friends. You show me the courage and valour from a different perspective.

As the bell rings, a flock of students moved from one classroom to another. Matthew Johnson and his fellow mates quickly packed up their bags, left their Literature class and rushed for the Biology lab.

“Well, are you nervous Amy?” he asked his best friend.

“Yea a little Matt. You know Biology is never my strongest subject,” she replied. “Unless I am getting my Literature tests back, no way I am comfortable.”

“I think I should be alright,” 6-foot-tall Matt assured himself. He has been a top achiever in Biology and he always has the noblest dream of discovering a vaccine to cure AIDS. He is the dream guy every girl in his school could dream of. He does not only has a clear vision about his future, he is also tall, well built and charming. Any girls would fall for his attractive azure eyes. In his basketball team, his team mates can always count on him as he makes one of the best defends the school team has ever had.

However, there was this little thing that troubled Matthew – his date for prom the senior prom this year. He had been very secretive over these years. Unlike his classmates, he never dated any girls since high school. The only time he was seen with a girl is Amy. He was always with Amy through her breakups and he was always her perfect shopping partner. During any warm humid summer afternoon, the two good friends could sometime be spotted enjoying iced tea in the local café. Nevertheless, Amy never claimed they were dating. Their friendship had gone beyond relationship.

Rumours began to spread among the girls in school. Speculations began to spiral too among his teammates.

“Is the hot Matthew Johnson gay?”

He ignored all the comments. He always claimed that he had yet to meet the perfect girl in his life. His parents on the other hand were glad that he was not seeing anyone. They assumed that Matthew is a matured teenager who had his future planned and he did not want anything to stop that. Yes and no. They were only partially right. He indeed was absolutely sure he would be enrolling in Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Biology when he graduated from high school. He had also aimed to get into one of the most prestigious universities in the state – University of New South Wales.

Wrong, it was because Matthew had been secretly seeing this guy that no one, not even Amy knew. Matthew met this guy in one of the basketball matches. Travis Evans from the other school team. Both Matthew and Travis were the most outstanding team players in their teams. On one occasion, Travis’ team lost a match against Matthew’s. Everyone in Travis’ team left with disappointed and heavy hearts. Travis sat alone in the locker room, feeling awful he let his team down.

Coach Frank were cheering and applauding with joy and triumph over their victory. Matthew quietly left the team and went to the locker room to bath and change. He was always the humble guy who wanted to avoid the attention. He ran into Travis by coincidence. He walked towards him and was astonished to see him crying. He sat next to him and threw a friendly hug over his shoulder.

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself bro,” Matthew comforted. “It was a heated match and you have done your very best.”

Travis pushed his hand away, stood up and turned to him and yelled, “You do not know the pressure I am facing now! This is my last shot to prove to my parents that I can make basketball my career. Now my future is gone! I am not like you! You could still have a career in Biology. I don’t!”

He was speechless. Both the boys met one another since their first basketball match when they were fourteen. They had always played basketball together after school everyday since they both lived nearby. He knew Travis had always wanted to be a professional basketball player but he thought their friendship were so strong that he would never say such spiteful and hurtful words to him.

“I am sorry bro,” Travis calmed down and apologised. “I was a really bad sport.”

Matthew remained silent. The quiet atmosphere was so tensed that Travis went down to his knees and apologised again.

He broke out after the minutes of silence. “You were just scared you were beaten, by me.”

Travis nodded.

“I thought we were bros since fourteen. You have always been the loving and caring brother I always want. I have never seen you as my enemy or competitor and guess what, I never will. All I ever dream off is a friendly and fair match between you and me. Today is the day I have been yearning for.”

“But losing a match to you means a lot to me,” Travis argued.

“And why is that?” Matthew fought back.

“I can lose the entire world but I cannot lose you Matthew! Don’t you see! You have been part of me for too long and losing to you will make you think that I am a loser! I do not want you to think about me this way! I fear that you will leave me!”

Shocked, astonished and speechless, he quickly defended “I would never think about you this way, not in a million years. Because, I like you and I do not want to lose you!”

Tears fell off from both the basketball players’ eyes. It was one of the few moments both best friends share a tearful moment. Travis approached Matthew and hugged him and cried. Matthew pulled himself a little backwards and looked into his eyes. They shared a moment of silence staring into each eyes. At that very instant, he realised how captivating Travis’ brown eyes. Travis was immensely attracted by his azure eyes.

Matthew leaned forward and kissed him. Travis felt a little nervous at first but let himself loose. Both shared a moment of passionate kiss and he lend his hands all around Travis’ waist. Then Travis looked at a shower room nearby.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking bro?” he hinted.

“Try me bro. I have been waiting for you to say that,” Matthew was more than eager. They both made passionate love in the shower room for the first time. Matthew lost his virginity and he was glad Travis had the honour. Later, Travis drove him to a beach nearby where they usually spent their lazy summer days together. In his convertible, he wrapped Matthew around his arm.

“So how long have you been waiting for today, Matt?” he whispered.

“I have always wanted to bounce right into your heart since we first met,” he looked at him. Under the clear starry night, he said, “I have always waited for you but I do not know if you feel the same way as I do about you.”

“You are taking a risk, you realise that?” he asked.

“Life is like on the basketball court. You got to take the risk at every shot cause at the end of the day, even if the shot was not inaccurate, you would not regret you did not take the risk,” Matthew said.

Travis brought Matthew closer into his arm and whispered the message of love into his ears, “I love you, Matt.”

“I love you too Travis,” he laid himself on Travis broad chest as he held Travis’ hand.

At that very moment, he wished the whole world would stop then, so he could spend the rest of his life, holding Travis’ hand, lying on his chest and being with him forever.

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