Complete Your AW12 Look

Can you believe how fast time elapses? It is now April and down here in Australia, we are all so excited to embrace AW12! Not only the cooler weather ahead but also the HARD KOURT FASHIONISTA, like me are so eager to launch our fashion pick for this new season! In my last post, I have posted up my fashion pick for AW12. Now, it’s time for us to complete the look this season!


I love Country Road style & fashion pick, mainly because it truly reflects our Australians taste and choice in fashion. Plus, it suits our local climate and weather more than any other brands.


Recently I am so obsessed about Balenciaga, mainly because Kourtney Kardashian wore Balenciaga shoes and bags most of the time and posted it on her blog. I love this Balenciaga sneakers very much in particular, not only of its design but also of its colour combination. Definitely saving my money for this pair of sneakers or add it to my wishlist this Christmas!


Marni, too, is a fashion label picked by Kourtney Kardashian. I was looking through her old posts about her fashion pick and realised I fall in love with Marni too. They also pick red for this AW12. You’ll never go wrong with a dash of red this season!


Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite fashion designers of all time and Louis Vuitton label is a dream come true! I love it with a humongous passion, just as much as I love red. This is by far my favourite pick from Louis Vuitton AW12/13 fashion show this year! And I can’t wait for LV or MJ to surprise me even more in the future!

So everyone, get ready to GLAM in RED this AW12. Trust me, you’ll never go wrong with a dash of FABULOUS RED this season. And as always, don’t forget to keep yourself warm throughout the season. Fashion is a necessity but health always has to come first no matter what.

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