With autumn rolling in, I am so excited about the fashion that the new season brings along! RED will be big this coming season and I reckon it will look FABULOUS on anyone, like seriously! Yes I am a little biased cause we ARIES are huge lovers of RED colour!

So many designers have launched their AW12 wardrobe but the following are my favourites! IRRESISTIBLE!


This will look so GLAM on any guys heading out for some fun during the weekend!

This outfit looks so GLAM to for students heading to college or university. Neither too formal nor casual.

If you are working in an office, this outfit is perfect to GLAM the day too.


You literally fall in love with every new collection from MARCS.

This outfit truly makes you the fashionista. Perfect for this season and best way to GLAM!

So much more incredible and amazing outfits out there for AW12. Out of the 5, which one is your favourite? My favourite is the 2nd one! (Trust me, it is really difficult to pick the most favourite one.) And also how would you dress up to fit into this new season? I will update more about AW12 fashion sooner than you thought!

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