The Unfinished Sentence: Part 2

This is a continuation of The Unfinished Sentence which I wrote 2 years ago, back in 2010. In The Unfinished Sentence: Part 2, I bring you all on a journey to discover who ‘he’ and ‘she’ are. How he deals with the unfinished phone call and how another unfinished sentence changes everything.

Just in case you missed Part 1, here’s the link:


That night, from midnight to dawn seems like a very long time…

“However, under certain circumstances or perhaps fate…”

That was the last phone call Peter Rossi had with Leslie Lee before New Year. He was at outstation then and communication between the country and the city was still a barrier. He hung up the phone quickly and dialled her number again.

“The number you have dialled is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone.”

99 voice mails. Peter had left exactly 99 voice mails with not a single reply from her. Ever since that day, Peter always had his phone besides him. He waited aimlessly everyday, hoping she would return his call or at least his send him a text.

Nothing. Nothing came back. Not a text, not a call or not even a Dear John letter. He clenched on the hope that Leslie would not break up with him despite he was falling apart within.

The following months had been agonising and torturing for him. He spent hours working tremendously hard trying to ignore the crack in their relationships. When he took off from work, the unfinished sentence replayed automatically in his mind. He would end up in a bar every Friday night, shots of tequila followed by shots of whiskey. He passed up every single time and suffered from hung-over the next day.

His friends came to offer him help. He neither confided his problem to them nor accepted their advices on his unhealthy lifestyle. He picked up alcohol and cigarettes. Something that none of his colleagues and mates would have expected from him. Growing up, he is a fine young man. He graduated with first class honours in Mining Engineering from the Australia National University, participated actively in community services when he was in high school and an outstanding basketball team captain.

Recalling hurtful past has never been a good idea. Peter is still on his parlour. Topless, he lets the chilly midnight breeze laps on face. As he stares upon the sky, he sees a few dim stars scattered around the dark sky. He feels even lonelier than ever. He picks up his phone and dials her number again.

Finally, it gets through this time. His heart is pounding quickly and he can feel an adrenaline gush inside. After a while, someone picks up the phone call.

“Hello?” his voice trembles.

“Hi. Who is this?” the recipient answers. “Do I know you?”

He hangs up the phone abruptly. It is definitely Leslie. He is absolutely sure but how could she not recognise his number and his voice.

This drives Peter even crazier. Has she moved on and completely forgotten about him? Has she deleted his number from her mobile phone? He has all these questions popping out of nowhere. They all appear like a mystery suddenly and he could not tackle them all by himself.

He throws his face on his two hands and cries for nearly an hour.

It is the first time he has ever cried for so long. Yes, he loves her with all his heart and soul.

“Hi. Who is this?” the question continues to haunt him.

Gently, Peter takes out a photo inside the drawer beside his bed. It is a photo of him and Leslie at the beach during the last summer they spent together three years ago before he is transferred outstation.

As his teardrops drop and hit the photo, he gingerly moves his thumb over Leslie’s face and whispers, “I’m your boyfriend, or am I no longer yours?”

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