Twenty Twelve


I have always been a little late with my New Year wishes. I was flying and travelling towards the end of 2011. There were so many housekeeping to do that kept me so occupied until I finally could sit down today and blog my first post for 2012!

You heard all about the things accomplished in 2011, new year resolutions and so on. Ditch the same old story. As I have tweeted, I hope for the best out of everything in 2012 and I hope whatever wish you have for this year, they will turn into reality.


Screw the blockbuster that believed in the myth that the world is going to end. On Facebook, Twitter and other social networks people have been trying to convince themselves the world will end. I, on the other hand has decided to live everyday to the fullest. I do not see myself living in fear each day, wondering when will the world ends. God has created such a beautiful world for us and there are so many amazing things out there waiting for us to explore. Why let a crappy movie condemn and screw up your life?

Life is all about the moments that we have. I decide to live as much happy moments as I could, and like that, even if the world would end, I would have lived a happy life and I die free as my hair.


Let us get ready for the challenges that lay ahead! Let the positive energy flows into your life! Life’s good if you want it to!


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