Catch and Cut: Part 1

“This is Theresa Park reporting live from Melbourne,” twenty-three-year-old Theresa Park wrapped up her live news report from a crime scene in a suburb in Melbourne.

“Cut! Good take!” the producer yelled. “Roll up crew!”

Theresa has been in the telecasting industry for only a year but she is picking up rapidly like a seasoned one who has worked for Channel One for more than ten years. Born with silky black hair, almond-shaped eye, rose red cheek and a slender figure, Theresa would definitely be the centre of attention in any occasions like parties, wedding ceremonies and even funerals. After all, she was made the homecoming queen during her senior prom year in her high school.

However, she has not dated much since her last boyfriend, Tom and her drifted apart. Tom was offered a job in an engineering firm in Singapore but she is reluctant to leave her parents behind to follow her boyfriend to Singapore. He tries to persuade her for a long time but she turns him down every single time. After a month in Singapore, he has decided to break up with her. She then devotes herself more into building her own career. In between, she has briefly dated but most of them last for only for four to six weeks only.

Theresa’s parents have occasionally set her up for blind dates. She dislikes the idea of attending a blind date but turns up for the sake to make both of her parents happy. At night after work, she sometimes find herself staring at the dark sky, wondering if she could ever find a man that loves her as much as her dad loves her mum. She secretly envies her mum. Both of their parents met at a friend’s twenty-first birthday party. They dated for two years and her dad proposed to her mum. Celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary next month, both her parents have being through ups and downs together and share a rock-solid marriage.

Back to the crime scene, it is a robbery case where three robbers are suspected of ruthlessly burglarising and robbing a single mother of three children. Some police officers are sent to the crime of scene alongside with forensic scientists and paramedics. The poor mother was hit on the head with an empty wine bottle and flesh blood was flowing down from her forehead. Her three little kids, age around five to ten were crying helplessly as they see their mum bleeding.

It is Theresa’s last shift of the day so she rushes to the kids and gives them a hug. One of the little kids named Sophie is holding her teddy bear and bawling loudly in her pink pyjamas. Theresa gives her a hug and reassures over and over again that her mother will be safe.

“Alright Sophie. Stop crying. Your mum is going to be okay,” Theresa reassures the five-year-old with an assuring and sweet smile. Not long after that, the police officers have ordered all civilians and the victims to clear the crime scene as they make way for forensic scientists to begin their operation.

“Hey officer. Is the little kids going to be okay?” Theresa approaches a police officer who offers to take the three children from her.

“They’ll be in good hands,” he remarks. “Hey, aren’t you Theresa Park, the young pretty news reporter from Channel One?”

“Yes, yes I am.” she replies and stares at the officer’s nametag. “Officer Calhoun?”

“Philip Calhoun,” the twenty-five-year-old policeman introduces himself, “Call me Philip or some of my friends call me Phil.”

“Hi Phil. Nice to meet you,” she answers.

“Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Park,” he replies.

“Call me Theresa,” she smiles as she offers him a handshake. “And thank you for watching my news reports.”

“You’re even more prettier than you are on the screen,” Phillip shakes her hand. She notices his firm handshakes. Under the dim streetlight, she could see Phillip is physically well built. Phillip has light brown hair and his blue eyes have made him even more handsome and attractive. Phillip looks like one who loves spending the weekend surfing at the beach, judging by his tan skin and muscular biceps.

“Can I follow you, I mean the little kids,” Theresa is feeling a little anxious and her palm is sweating a little, “I just want to make sure the kids, especially Sophie is fine.”

Phillip is somewhat moved by Theresa’s pretty appearance. He offers Theresa a ride to the police station. Theresa happily agrees without second thought. Sophie is happy when she sees Theresa is coming along with her.

“Look Danny! Look Marcus! The big sister from the TV is coming with us!” Sophie screams as she sees Theresa coming to her. Theresa embraces Sophie with another hug. Sometimes she secretly envies little kids like Sophie. One moment ago she was bawling helplessly and another moment she seems like she has forgotten the worries from earlier on. “Are you coming with me? I’m scared.”

“I’ll stay with you tonight Sophie,” Theresa tells her. Phillip smiles as he sees Theresa going so well with the little kids. On the way to the police station, the little kids are quiet most of the time apart from Sophie. She is busy playing with her teddy bear. Phillip looks at Theresa who is sitting next to him. “Thanks for coming, Theresa. You’re good with children.”

Theresa winks and remains silent. Deep down, Theresa is secretly admiring Philip. She could not help herself but take a quick glimpse at him. She finds him somewhat attractive. It has been a while she finds a guy so attractive that she cannot help looking at him. She even turns her face to the other side and smiles quietly.

On the other hand, Phillip has intentionally made a few detours. He is also secretly taking glimpse of her. She is wearing his favourite sweet daisy perfume that makes his heart pounds a little faster. He wipes his wet palm once every few minutes as he is anxious about how he feels about her and the other way round too.

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