The Greatest 14 Years

From their first hit single Swear It Again to their final farewell tour in London 2012, Westlife has always been my favourite boy band tour since I was in elementary school. 14 amazing years. 14 remarkable years. 14 successful years. 14 years is not something easy. It is miraculous. It is beyond incredible. In fact, it is awesome!

As a humongous fan of Westlife, learning that they are splitting next year has been a devastating news to me. I grow up listening to Westlife songs. I have always been inspired by their songs, especially by the singer Mark Feehily. I grew up listening to them and I believe as I continue to grow each day, Westlife’s songs will always be engraved in my heart and soul. It has been part of who I am today. I believe it will continue to evolve as time elapses. Westlife will soon be over but their songs have immortalised this incredible boy band.

Many teenagers of my age grow up with Westlife songs. Their soulful voices, meaningful lyrics and engaging songs have inspired and encouraged so many of us. A successful musical band is one that can spread the goodness of music, touch the hearts of many through rhythms and music and that is exactly what Westlife has done over the 14 years. I am proud to be a Westlife fan. In the distant future, I will be telling my children how Westlife has inspired me throughout my childhood and adolescence. Despite the fact I never attend their live concert or performance, Westlife, still and forever will remain as my favourite boy band.

Westlife fans, from the band started back in 1998 and propelling to the future, we will always be a fan of Westlife. Their songs live in our heart forever. As everyone in life continue to broad on the next chapter of life, long live #WestlifeForever and as long as we live, Westlife songs live in our heart.

Right now, as Shane, Mark, Kian and Nick set to embark on the next chapter of their life, I sincerely wish them the best in everything they will do. Mark, whom I look up highly on, I sincerely hope to see him marrying his lifetime partner Kevin when the world legalises gay marriage one day. I believe the day will come because I believe in faith and dream.

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest 14 Years

  1. i still love Westlife….hope they will gather together soon after chasing their other dreams and sing again..=]

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