August Astonishment

Today, I finally got to meet up with an old friend of mine. It had been a little trouble trying to reach him by phones and texts but finally we made it! We scheduled for a cup of coffee at Garden City as I presented him something that definitely lifted his mood up, or at least his wife when she is preparing meals for him in the kitchen.

I do not know how long this #McNabfied thing has been going on but life has been umpteen better, more inspiring and meaningful after I hit off well with such a good friend. Consider a close mate who somehow, I wonder if it is by coincidence or we share mutual opinions, always give me the correct advices and the encouragement that I need at the correct place and time.

First, he has always been there for me whenever I raise the matter on applying my Australia citizenship after my family and I are granted our full Permanent Residence. Secondly, he never fail to show his unfailing support for me. And that is exactly the driving force that has driven me to be solving more Mathematics questions in UWA today and in the future. Thirdly, as the second generation of immigrants in Australia, we find something we have in common. We find our place in a new country. Then, we talk about loses and gains in life.

Moreover, he advocated and agreed when I told him this morning I am doing Accounting this semester. He showed his enthusiasm and passion when he heard that I am doing Accounting as my broadening unit. I can still picture his outrageous passion, his brimming smile and most importantly his faithful support for me. He has always been a pillar whenever I need one. When I am lost in the midst of the ocean, there is always this bright light radiating from the nearby lighthouse. I know I will see the light because he has never fail to be there when I need him.

It has been more than a year since we first met. I can never ever forget such a wonderful friend. With all my heart and soul, I cherish our friendship. In my prayers every night, I include in them as I hope you will stay healthy and may life be filled with joys and happiness despite some odds every now and then.

In many years from now, I can still see myself telling people around me, how fortunate I am to have a friend like him. He is like a guardian angel to me. As always, he is the one everyone has heard about. Thank you for the latte today.

Life has been umpteen wonderful and beautiful.

And this is why you have always deserved all these credits – NEIL MCNAB.

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.

Thomas Jefferson

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