A Beautiful Mistake

Travis walked to the radio in his kitchen and turned it on. Soft country music filled the entire room as he sat at the dining table with his pot of hot coffee. As he poured his own cup of coffee, he could hear the soft rainfall outside. Occasionally there was the wind whispering through the soft rainfall. He walked to the couch and sat down there.

Travis allowed himself to be carried away in his own fantasy and imagination. He carefully picked up little details that he had always left out in life. Indeed, it was all those little details he had always neglected as he paced through his everyday life. Lying on the couch with a black suit, all he ever wanted was some time alone after the incident.

Travis Hill is a thirty-year-old salesman working at a medium-sized company situated in the heart of Sydney. Thirty years old and he is still single. He has never thought of settling down with someone or starting a new relationship ever since his high school sweetheart left him for another man. Sometimes, his parents wondered would Travis still go out with girls. He has practically given up hope on dating after he went to numerous unsuccessful blind dates and dates.

It was yet another ordinary day that Travis was out of his company selling his company’s latest product. Like any other working class, he was always sandwiched between people in the trains and buses during busy working hours. That day it was just not his day. His charming appearance, convincing words and eloquent speeches had always worked. However, his magic failed that day.

The time on his wristwatch showed few minutes to six. As the streetlights were turning on, the grey overloaded clouds began to burst into torrential rainfall. He needed to catch a bus to go back home. He ran in the rain towards the bus stop and by the time he reached the bus stop, the bus had just left and he was soaked and wet.

“Damn it!” Travis punched his fist onto a solid concrete wall nearby. He never imagined himself punching the wall so hard that his fist started to bleed.

“What else could have gone wrong today!” he yelled.

“Are you alright?” A familiar sound came from a distance.

“Oh hey Ryan. Bad day I reckon. Lost a major client and hurt my fist.” Travis replied. “What are you doing here alone? Aren’t you supposed to pick your girlfriend up?”

“I’m sorry to hear that. And does your fist hurt?” Ryan extended his hand to his bleeding fist.

“Need some medications and probably bandage it when I’m home,” he tried to keep his coolness and control his anger.

“I can help you with that if you don’t mind,” Ryan offered. Travis nodded.

A few minutes later a bus approached the station and both of them went back to Travis’ home. Being Travis’ best buddy since high school, Ryan had always gone to Travis’ apartment during the weekend to talk, eat and drink. Occasionally, when Ryan sparked an argument with his girlfriend, he may end up sleeping at Travis’ place. Upon arrival, Ryan quickly went to the cardboard and reached for bandages and medications.

Travis sat on the couch. Firstly, Ryan applied some Dettol on his wound before he put on some medication and wrapped it up with a bandage. When Ryan was done and about to leave, Travis suddenly pulled his best friend over, gave him a hug and broke down.

“Life’s always have its ups and downs bro,” Ryan comforted. He was shocked to see his best friend bawling so loudly for the first time ever since he knew him. Travis had always been the one who was least affected by emotions, one with strong and determined personality. “Come on bro, what’s wrong?”

Travis pulled himself away and tried to compose himself.

Both brotherly friends meet one another eye’s for the first time. They both looked at one another in a different way they used to. Ryan made the first move to pull Travis back into his arm. This time, they both exchanged a passionate and long kiss. As both of them loosen themselves and casted away their pressures, problems and worries, Travis helped Ryan to undo his suits.

Travis and Ryan made love twice on the couch that night.

The soft country music was still playing when Ryan walked out from the bathroom the next morning. Ryan wrapped his arm around Travis who was drinking his coffee. Travis turned to kiss him.

“What are you thinking Travis?” Ryan asked.

“About us. About what happen last night,” Travis feeling a little nervous and was trying to find a way to explain what had occurred. “It was a purely a mistake, Ryan.”

“A beautiful mistake Travis,” Ryan remarked. “It was spontaneous. The feeling is mutual. Further more, I have broken up with Beatrice.”

“What did you say? Why did you never tell me you broke up with Beatrice?” Travis was shocked by the breakup.

“We broke up last week. I saw her with another man,” he turned away as he tried to hide his sadness and dismal.

Travis hugged Ryan from the back and said, “I’m sorry Ryan. You should have told me.”

He turned and wiped away a tear and answered, “No worries Travis. It was all over now. And about last night, it was a beautiful mistake. It was wild but I truly enjoyed it.”

Travis wiped the tear away from Ryan’s face and gently pressed his lips onto his. Ryan took off his bathrobe and Travis led him into his room. They both passionately made love to one another, trying various positions and new things they never experience before.

Late in the afternoon, Ryan woke up in Travis’ muscular arm and found himself laying his head on his broad chest. As Ryan ran his fingers across Travis, he gently whispered the message of love into Travis’ ears.

“Travis Hill, I love you. I have always loved you since we first met in high school,” Ryan Scott confessed to his best friend, and now also his partner for life.

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