He Saw


He saw the troup of energetic footballers,

Roaming freely on the green field as spring blooms,

Letting the high spirit spreading everywhere,

Making no boundary for happiness.


He saw the pair of love birds on the grass,

As he gently wrapped her around his arms,

Whispering softly words of love into her ears,

Posting love high up in the air on a summer day.


He saw a group of mates sitting together,

Raising cups of hot coffees on an autumn day,

Invoking jokes and raising laughter across the tables,

Even the day had given way to the darkness.


He saw a hunchbacked figure at the back of the street,

Shivering as the body made it through the dark,

He lent an assuring hand to the homeless old man,

On a cold winter night yet it seems so warm within.

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