We are the Same!

Earlier on this week, my family and I headed to Lake Mongers to enjoy the picturesque view. Lake Monger is a beautiful itself. It is almost perfect and too good to be true. I came across this place last time as I drove onto the wrong highway and somehow I ended up driving past this paradise. Lake Mongers, situated at Leederville, is truly spectacular and it has a huge grass area for families and friends to idle the day away.

As we were enjoying the scenery, I came across this inspiring scene. I quickly took my iPhone and snapped this inspiring picture that has inspired me to redefine, rediscover and reemphasize that, WE ARE THE SAME. Racism should not happen in any multicultural society.

This picture is truly wonderful. A little Aussie kid having fun by the lakeside. He was running towards  and chasing after the flock of ducks and swans. However, the thing that captured my attention is not the mischievous and hilarious actions. (I used to do that too when I was young) Instead, I was stunned by how these ducks and swans blend together. Among each species, they have their own feather colour. However, both different animals from the same family, different colour, different appearance yet they make good mates. They had fun hunting for food together, swimming in the lake together and even flying together.

Truly amazing and inspiring.

Man has the most complex brains of all living souls. Man thinks maturely.

In this context, we should be like the flocks of ducks and swans, despite our different skin colours, races, religions and backgrounds, we can still be friends for we are the same. There isn’t much differences between you and me. Scientists categorise all of us as one – homo sapien. We are truly one. We are human beings. We are the same after all. We do not want to be discriminated neither we want to belittle others.

There is the message: After all, we are the same. There is no reasons for us to let racism roam freely in our society.

Live well, laugh often, love much =)

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