19 Years. Still Going Fabulous Red.

19 years ago, on March 25, in a private clinic, my mum heard the first bawl from her son. I cried for the first time, signifying the birth and addition to the HA‘s family.


Years have passed, months have elapsed, weeks have gone by, days have swept through, hours have tickled, minutes have race through and seconds have slipped away and in a glimpse, from my first cry to who I am now.

Time is incredibly fast. Faster than what you have in mind.

Amazing friends do amazing things. In fact, they are the miracles in life. Aaron, Eric, Hong Shen and Vincent secretly plotted my birthday, without my knowledge. The brilliant scheme was a success. An amazing and fulfilling Chinese cuisine last weekend at Northbridge. Sarawakians rule the night, don’t we? The highlight is of course the present. So personal and tailored just for me. There are no other words besides “touched” to describe the feeling! Truly amazing.

Michael, I could never forget you actually took the trouble to get me a wonderful present despite it was last minute. Domino’s Pizza. That is so Australian style. Thank you for sitting down today and chatting with me. Thank you for being another amazing friend of mine. I could never forget what you have done. Deep down from my heart, I sincerely thank you.

Social networks are fantastic, namely Facebook and Twitter. Countless birthday wishes, some so personal and warm and even some tailored to Fabulous Red‘s style. I spoke to Dushan today, saying that I have not said so much ‘Thank You‘ for the entire year than today. Social networks are fantastic. And of course, I still thank you all here, once again. Twitter, thank you for giving me to a figure closing to 300 followers. I am truly amazed by all my followers. Thank you.

Lovable family members. Thank you Dad, Mum and Sis. I had an incredible and wonderful evening. We went to an Italian restaurant in Leederville and had an unforgettable evening. We ordered some greens, chips and pastas. Truly scrumptious Italian fares. Billion of thanks to Dad and Mum for getting me an electrical shaver. I really do consider myself not really the techno-savvy kind of person when it comes to certain thing. Still, it must have cost them to buy it in Australia. Of course, I knew my iPad 2 is making its way too! I love you Dad and Mum!

Traditions are beautiful and priceless. This is why we keep it up in the family. From taking two hard boiled eggs on the morning of the birthday to red packets with auspicious values in it, I reckon we Chinese has the most amazing and rich culture in the world. We are in Australia. Yet, there are no reasons to let our beautiful traditions fade away. 19 years. The tradition and culture will continue and they will be passed on.

Honourable friend. There is only one whom truly deserves this title. He is the one who surprises me the most and the one and only who pushes the day to the highest point. True Mathematicians know how to maximise thing. In my own world, he is a true Mathematician, a truly amazing and successful Mathematician. Thank you so much for still making it a humongous surprise to me and as I was on the edge of giving up hope, I know he will never let me down. Truly honourable.

So honourable that I have to post a Twitlonger, tailored for him too, just as he personalised the telephone call for me. Speechless. Touched. On cloud nine. Over the moon. Lifted high up in the air. Miracles do happen by the way. And I am glad you are one of the miracles in my life. I have always honoured you. In return, you have cherish our genuine friendship. This is why we can keep our friendship alive, ignite the sparks and shine like the fireworks.

I have said plenty of thank you in 19 years.

But this thank you is personalised for you, NEIL MCNAB. Thank you for making wishing me happy birthday a pleasure.

19 years has passed.

Life marches on as usual. But I believe, in the coming 19 years and more, FABULOUS RED will continue to stay as what it is now. And even be more refined and well-defined as years to come. FABULOUS RED lives on. On Twitter, on WordPress and everywhere. Wherever there is LEON HA, I will leave the footprint of FABULOUS RED.

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