McNabfied Day!

MARCH 11, 2011

I can’t believe this! I meet Neil McNab for the first time in 2011! I am totally over the moon. Honestly. Frankly. Seriously. I am overwhelmed. I am on cloud nine! I meet Neil McNab.

It is awesome to catch up with a close mate, a mate whom I can spend hours talking to. We are close mates. It is perfect to catch up with a good friend whom I haven’t seen for more than 3 months. And I am truly honoured, to have such a friend. Neil McNab, a truly remarkable Maths lecturer, a typical Aussie friend and definitely a truly honourable mate for life.

Keeping up with Neil is awesome and fabulous. We have endless or infinite topics to talk about. I reckon, in life, close mate can come in different sizes, ages, races and background. Yet, we still hit off very well. It is the kind of genuine friendship you will not want to give up, for life!

So, here’s a humongous cheers for our friendship!

When Julia Gillard mentioned that “You have a true friend down under.” and “…real mates talk straight.” during her speech to the Congress of United States in Washington on 09.03.11, I knew she is right. Indeed, I have a true friend down under whom we can talk straight. And he is NEIL MCNAB.

I am very honoured. Indeed, I am truly honoured

To have such an honourable mate

Who extend wonderful and great mateship.

Life’s never more interesting without you.

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