The ‘Deaf’ Generation

The ‘Deaf’ Generation

Technology evolves with time. As time elapses, humans are pampered with more advance and sophisticated technology such as the invention of mp3 players and as of last decade, mp4 has even been introduced to the consumers. As mp3 players such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch just to name a few are gaining their popularity among people, they are getting more and common these days. Let us sit down at one of the bustling streets in New York, London, Sydney, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, you will realise that more and more teenagers, working people and even housewives maybe walking around the city with earphones plugged in their ears.

People living in the cities depend on their iPods for entertainment when they are travelling around by foot, on planes and other means of transport. As these technology gets more and more advance, their entertainment is no longer restricted to songs only. For instance, Apple newly-released iPod touch has user-friendly features such as Facetime (video conference), Safari (Internet), HD Video Recording and Editing and so on. With so many features available for consumers, people incline to be glued to their iPods instead of observing the people around them.

Teenagers nowadays have always found plugging the earphones, listening to their loud iPods something trendy and fashionable. As the trend sweeps across the world, it is like a pandemic disease affecting most of the teenagers from the cities. They can never leave their house without their iPods. Working class listens to their iPods as they claim that listening to their favourite music is a mean of releasing their stress. People listening to iPods have all sorts of  reasonable reasons to tell when it comes to questioning them why are them always listening to their iPods.

Unfortunately, this ‘deaf’ generation plays the iPod too loud that they could barely hear anyone around them. This has gradually developed a society that seldom cares for other people surrounding them. With the songs playing so loud in their ears through their earphones, people can barely hear the poor and the needy begging for help. A society that does not promote unity and cooperation can devastate a nation’s development. The world has been changing so rapidly into a materialistic world in the past few decades. With the invention of iPods, this has worsen the situation as more ‘deaf’ generation is produced. Hence, people in need are seldom heard, leading to more social issues in a country.

Recently, Apple products are so popular and on demand that almost everyone recognises an Apple product in a jiffy. Pop stars and iconic public figures start using Apple products to be on par with the latest trend. This has prompted fans to start following their idols, manufacturing an incorrect assumption that anyone using an Apple product is one class higher. Teenagers may even start to judge people through the electronic devices that they are using. The ‘deaf’ generation would have assumed that any other mp3 players besides iPods are not as equally good as Apple’s. The impaired judgment will soon lead to social discrimination. Social discrimination will divide the society into different classes, making inadequate rooms for peace and unity. Thus, a nation cannot progress forward.

In short, it is prime time for the ‘deaf’ generation to mute their mp3 players for sometimes and slow down the pace. The ‘deaf’ generation should learn to look around the people around us and search for those who need assistance in their life. Some people like the handicapped, single-parent families, unsupported senior citizens need more attention than us. We should at least pull down our earphones and listen to the people around us. If we hear someone begging for help, we can always offer the minimum assistance that we can. Thus, it is time for the ‘deaf’ generation to undergo an operation. An operation that can help them  to listen to the people and the surrounding with their mind and soul again.

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