I Wonder

There are lots of thoughts and questions flying all across my mind right now. I am curious. Curious to know how the future may turn out to be. Curious to know what tomorrow may hold. Curios to know how the next minute is going to be like. Who would ever know what would happen to our friendship after half a year spent together like this?

I have a fear too. I fear that I move on too fast as time elapses. I fear that I leave behind so many important things in life. I fear that I lose the sparks between us as time advances. I fear that when we meet again next year, nothing much could fall out from the lips. I fear that I maybe the one who swift through time and forget about you.

I know. People often commented that a friendship built upon a strong foundation will have a strong bond and hard to break it. As I always believe, as life marches on, we experience different things in life. Many things in life will affect the way we behave, the way we think, the way we perceive things, the way we respond to external stimuli and many other ways.

As I tap my fingers on the computer and on the table, I wonder how our friendship will turn out to be after we embark on our journey after 25 November. I will be working diligently to realise my dream – to graduate with honours in Mathematics. I will be too striving hard as I stepped out the society. I will have to focus on my personal life as each second tackles. I have so many things lying in front of me.  You will be happily enjoying your retirement, idling away your time since you told me you have not got any plans yet. Nevertheless, I do keep my finger cross that I will not forget such a good friend like you.

I’ve thought about it.

Life has to march on. Time eventually will run out no matter how long the time is.

But one thing I am sure. I’ll always strive hard to keep our friendship alive, keep the flame glowing, keep the fireworks bright, keep the sparks forever. And I hope by then, you’ll be one of the huge crowd present during my graduation in the near future. Besides my family members and relatives feeling proud of my achievement in university, I hope by then you’ll be there to see me graduating – for I strongly believe part of my achievement comes from your inspiration, your success and our friendship!

In 2010, I met a special friend – a special friend that changes my life.

Life sails on as usual.

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