Neil McNab

To a wonderful lecturer who has inspired me, a great teacher who teach me to purpose of life, a truly remarkable lecturer who showed me something beyond what we learned in class or in particular Room 49, an honourable man who shares his life experiences selflessly with the people he cares, a helpful and kind lecturer who is willing to help his students during his leisure hours and in fact, there are still so much to talk about.

To a close friend who is always there to be my audience, a loyal friend for giving unfailing support and great advice, a cheerful yet sarcastic at sometimes friend whom I sometimes am compelled to be the listener, it is the mutual understanding and effective communication that makes up and strengthen a friendship, this is what we learn from friends. And also, thanks for the assuring words when I need some assurance. For the welcoming words that make me feel welcomed in a foreign land, an ocean of thanks is never sufficient.

Last but not least, to an incredible author who writes our Maths Specialist study guides. I must say that’s the first point when I look so highly up on my lecturer. It is also his success that inspires me one thing in life – You set your own goal in life, you work hard for it, your dreams will come true.

And so I present you…

Me standing proudly next to my Maths Specialist lecturer – Mr. Neil McNab!


Life marches on as usual,

Time elapses as second tickles by,

Whatever a truly noble lecturer has taught,

No matter how many years has gone by,

It shall be immortalised deep within,

An ocean of thanks just for you!

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