A Once Upon a Time

We used to cheer with joy. We used to yell with high spirit.

We used to play chase with unlimited energy. We used to spend the weekend at the beach.

We used to chat and laugh during lunchtime. We used to do everything with fellow friends.

We used to…

There are indeed lots of childhood memories. And to different people experiencing different kind of childhood, there are infinite kinds of childhood. As time elapses, these images slowly fade away. As much as time has advanced, as much these memories slowly slipped aside from our mind. As the school homework and assignment increases, as the workload and responsibilities in workplace raises, so does the probability of our childhood memories loss themselves in space.

From the simple A, B and C we used to write as homework in Year 1 to 3-4 pages or 500-600 words-long of essays in Year 12, from simple 1, 2 and 3 in Year 1 Mathematics to complicated and brain-teasing Calculus, Algebra and Geometry in Year 12, of so many great differences in life – that is where life takes an ultimate turning point. We traded the childhood memories’ in our brain to make room for knowledge. We all know well enough knowledge is the key to unlock doors of many in the future.

From daily school routine and university life to workplace, responsibilities increase as life marches on. Who would ever thought about comparing Year 1 and college life anymore? The working class would start to reminisce the luxurious life in colleges and universities after venturing into the real world. Who would ever think about the wonderful moment when we play with our neighbour’s kids in the playground? Who have ever thought about taking a walk at the beach, reminiscing the silly yet interesting they did during childhood?

We traded. We traded our own childhood memories for the responsibilities in life as greater responsibilities promises more figures in the back account. And as time elapses, memories shall never be mortal. These days when people work around the clock, pace in and out, who would ever thought that taking a vacation could be a time you can sit down alone and recollect your childhood memories.

Childhood – it’s a once upon a time story.

We never got to relive it anyhow. Nevertheless, simple gestures and actions that come across in our daily life make major impacts on us. It suddenly makes us feel like something has been missing. Part of our past has been forgotten no matter how hard we try to recollect them.

Today, simple gesture you have shown me rekindles the childhood memories in me. It reminds me of how childlike or rather childish we were back in primary school and lower secondary. We showed our friends a cool stuff that they do not have. We held it firmly in our hands and shook it in front of our friends to show it off. The little jealousy that has sparked in our friends’ heart is reflected on their facial expression. Yes. We enjoyed seeing that. Yet, we got over it and the next day, we are friends again. As we grow, the jealousy that sparks in our heart cannot be removed so easily. In fact, they are buried deep down and calling for revenge.

And today, I could not believe that you show me how much I have left out. You show me that there is always still a little kid living in everyone of us. The never-wanna-grow-up part of us is the part that will keep our once-upon-a-time journey alive. Though they do not make up big part of us, the small yet significant part of that is the one that reminds us of so many things in life.

Great lecturers inspire.

And today you inspire me something beyond what is expected to be learned in the classroom.

You gave me a lesson on life. Something more important than anything else.

With all my heart, I dedicated this post to you – Neil McNab.

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